Welcome to me: Molly McGrath

I am 18 years old, and not entirely ready for the responsibility of adulthood, but am embracing it anyway. I have estranged parents who are still on friendly terms, and two younger brothers who couldn’t be more different. My previous home was Te Awamutu, a middle-of-nowhere kind of place situated in the Waikato. I went to the local high school, Te Awamutu College, and before that I spent my first eight years of academia at a tiny primary school out in the country, Korakonui School. A tiny, secluded town inhabited by tradies and farmers isn’t a very accommodating place for an artistic outcast like myself, but Wellington provides me with the sense of belonging I never had previously.

I have chosen to study Visual Communications Design, primarily because I couldn’t make up my mind and this seemed to be the most obvious choice based on my love of artistic expression and the need to educate myself regarding modern methods of creation and communication.

I’ve always wanted to make art. I’ve never cared what kind, because all mediums interest me. Illustration, sketching, painting, inking, collage, digital design, model making, sculpture, printmaking… as long as I’m expressing myself, I’m happy. And if I can make others happy as well, then that’s a bonus.

I also love literature, theatre, films, and music of all kinds. I guess you could say I’m an eclectic mess.

Please, try to enjoy the thoughts of this eclectic mess.


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