237130_A1_Wk1_Task #3_Reading Reflection_A response to Mirzoeff’s ‘How To See The World’_09/03/2016

Key Phrases:

  •  “All these photographs and videos are our way of trying to see the world. We feel compelled to make images of it and share them with others as a key part of our effort to understand the changing world around us and our place within it.” (Mirzoeff 6)
    To me, this statement indicates deterioration in human interaction, which is simultaneous with our technological advancements as a race. It forces one to question why should we share images with one another as a means to communicate the world we live in, when we can go out and actually live in it.
  • “Sure enough, people worldwide are actively trying to change the systems that represent us in all senses, from artistic to visual and political.” (Mirzoeff 7)
    This statement seems to be a positive one in that it tells of the human race continually striving to better themselves; but I also perceive an underlying note of sinisterness. It seems to warn us that by progressing too much we could potentially undo or overwrite the history we have built up over our many years on Earth.

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