237130_A2_Wk4_Task#1_Part A_Understanding the task_Planning and Preparation_Identifying an analytic essay_02/04/16

The purpose of an analytic essay is to argue a particular point of view and convince the reader to adopt this view (Merk) by “defining the subject, exploring the subject, and drawing conclusions”(Clarke, 148).

The level of perception in an analytic essay is determined by the depth with which the student addresses the essay brief. This perception marks the difference between an analytic essay and other genres of academic writing. Informative or descriptive essays are straightforward “expository writings” (Merk), whereas an analytic essay requires the author to adopt critical thinking in order to examine, interpret and contextualise the essay topic/question (Clarke, 25, 148) and make a potent, convincing case around a belief that stems from this analysation (Lundberg).

The implicit requirements of an essay brief must be addressed in addition to those that are demanded outright (Clarke, 166). By combining one’s point of view regarding each of these aspects with research and evidence from the text one should be able to successfully construct a well-argued analytic essay (Clarke, 167).



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