237130_A2_Wk4_Task#3_Part B_Writing Techniques_Free Writing_25/04/16

In exactly 5 minutes, write down everything you can remember of your chosen chapter in Mirzoeff’s ‘How to See the World’ and copy it verbatim into your blog:

  • We must learn to see the Anthropocene (change in lithosphere) by adapting the viewpoints of others and forming a worldwide view
  • Inverted effect: countries that emit the most CO2 are not those that are affected the most
  • Steel industry is the largest industrial cause of CO2 emissions – 30%
  • Smog was naturalised in Dickens’ ‘Bleak House’
  • Monet beautified destruction of nature
  • If you were born after 1985 you would not know what a pre-climate-changed world was like; therefore we accept the naturalisation of pollution because we don’t know an Earth where it wasn’t a ‘part of who we were’
  • Mining
  • Melting ice caps – ‘Coal + Ice’ exhibition
  • Bird experiment; reason triumphing over sentiment
  • Audubon passenger pigeons – kill to create beauty
  • Extinction of passenger pigeons
  • Fisk’s Mississippi River map in comparison to the Army Corp’s map shows how we’ve tried to tame the uncontrollable and artificialise nature

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