From a personal perspective, what has been the most interesting to you so far in this paper?
The aspect of this paper that has appealed to me the most has been the introduction to an entirely new perspective regarding the basic function of humanity. I have found Mirzoeff’s views on the way we interact with one another and the Earth quite intriguing and have greatly appreciated the chance to absorb these new ideas and explore them further.

Think about the content, readings, resources, tasks and approach, so far. Comment on what has worked for you? Why?
The deviation from traditional artistic themes was something I discovered to be unexpectedly welcome in this paper. I really enjoyed being given the opportunity to explore things I was passionate about (such as music and the environment) that stepped outside the boundaries of what people usually consider to be “art”, and discovering how they are, in fact, related to art. having a range of topics to address throughout the course of this pier, rather than the same one repeated over and over, was pleasant.

What has not worked so well for you? Why?
I found the amount of work that we were given to be overwhelming. It was hard for me to absorb anything, because I felt as though I was just having information pushed at me rather than actually taking anything in and learning. Some of the tasks that we were given seemed unnecessary, and I believe that it would have been more beneficial to exclude these, as I would have then been more capable of absorbing the remaining knowledge that was actually useful.

How have your ideas, assumptions, knowledge’s and ways of working been challenged?
I have been encouraged me to consider various perspectives in my writing. Sometimes I’ll get so caught up in the singular point of view that I have chosen to adapt, that I’ll forget how relevant the opposing perspective can be to what it is I’m trying to say. This paper has  honed me into constantly checking to see if the points I make are applicable to the minority as well as the majority.

What creative approaches have you taken when doing this paper?
I feel as though over time I have had to adjust my style of writing so that I could express myself in a more concise manner when necessary. Knowing that I had to write less meant I often approached tasks with this in mind, and therefore became experienced in pinpointing the key words of what I had to do, and keys ideas in texts I had to use.

Explain how the approaches, strategies, skills and/or processes encouraged in this paper be useful to you in your other BDes/BFA projects/modules/papers.
This paper has taught me to evaluate the way in which I think about and approach academic tasks. It has trained me to acknowledge the thought processes and practises that take place as I go through the process of analysation and putting this analysation into words. This paper has expanded my manner of thinking so that I am now conscious of all contextualisation and critical thinking that takes place when I am looking at or writing about a visual text. All of the subject matter I create in my other papers benefits from being approached in this manner.

Do you think you have a different or a new appreciation for a paper like this and its relevance to your desired art or design practice?
Being able to consciously analyse and identify the context of a visual text is vital to any artist or designers practise, and I definitely feel as though this paper has introduced me to some new techniques that will help me hone my skills in these areas.

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