237130_A2_Wk4_Task#3_Part D_Mindmap/Brainstorm_Formulating ideas using planning tools_26/04/16

Word Cloud of key words and phrases from ‘The Changing World’ (Chapter 6 of Mirzoeff’s ‘How to See the World’):

Word Cloud
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MindMap of key words from my chosen essay question:

Key words mindmap pdf
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By combining the key words and phrases that I drew from Chapter 6 with the key words and task words from the essay question, I was able to formulate a sense of the key ideas and issues that could be found in the chapter ‘The Changing World’ which would enable me to sufficiently answer my essay question:

MindMap of key ideas and issues from the chapter, as well as my own ideas (PDF)

237130_A2_Wk4_Task#2_Question Selection_Choosing an essay topic_15/04/16

Question 4: ‘The Changing World’ (Mirzoeff, Chapter 6. Pages 211-252)
This topic explores the negative effects/consequences of human interference with the natural environment and the living things that inhabit it; an interference which is fuelled by mankind’s desire to ‘conquer’, tame, or control nature. The question asks me to investigate and examine these effects/consequences, and the ways that artists are bringing these to the attention of the general public in order to change the way we behave towards our environment and all that occupies it.

Mindmap 1 (task 2) JPEG
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PDF Version: MindMap: The Changing World